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The secret to happiness. i found it, have you?

Happiness, that’s what i am in the mood to talk about. hence, I’m going to. Like all my earlier posts. instead of writing, worrying about post structure,grammar and so on and so forth, I’ll just be talking. I’ll be sharing my thoughts to whoever might end up reading this post.

So what is happiness for you an i?

If you google “what is happiness” the first hit you get is

state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

So if that’s the case, then happiness is relative. in other words a 4-year-old would be happy about having a toy to play with, exactly like an adult would. by achieving one of his goals.

Given those two examples; happiness in part relies on being content of your current standing in life as a whole and what you have in particular. whether its materialistic things or someones affection, health or any sort of thing that you think you may need.

So using the centuries old proven reasoning of deduction, if being content brings happiness, then to be happy you should be content. sounds pretty simple to me!

Now that i’m prepped with the secret of happiness, i’m ready to face the world and work on getting my piece of heaven on earth. i need to find what i want and pursue it.Then and only then, I’ll experience happiness.but hey, wait! what if that goal took longer than expected? what if it’s too hard? what if i’ve never reached it? what if i actually did reach it. what then ?

If i rely on the time proven theory that’s nothing constant but change. then it’ll mean that by the time i’ve accomplished my already set goal. my entire needs and goals would have changed and i would have yet another goal to look forward to.

Interesting, so depending on that! i’ll be spending my life being miserable up until that brief moment where my goal gets accomplished and find myself setting another.

Life happens while you’re planning for it

Bummer! so my reasoning up untill now is flawed! damn i hate being wrong!

But then again, life can’t be about chasing mediocre moments of happiness at the expense of years of actually pursuing it.

No wonder the secret of happiness stayed exactly that! for so long..

But you know what? i won’t give up!  i can’t afford to! i’ll go at it again, back to square one.

given that to be happy you’ll have to be content. what’s the secret of happiness?
Thinking and thinking, and thinking a bit more! (Ya i tend to do that now and then.. there’s hope for me yet)
You know what?  i think i’ve found it. The secret to happiness isn’t just about pursuing what you think will make you happy! It’s about being content of what you already have!
But hey wait just one minute. wouldn’t that kill my quest to always yearn for better things!
DAMN! did i mention how much i hate being wrong?
I’m so close! i know i am..

Time to get my act together and give it one last try, there’s too much at stake!
So far we have two solutions, both lead to eventual happiness though one isn’t as cost-effective as the other when it comes to time spent.
So using plain old logic, i have something to say;

Eureka, i’ve found it!

Plain logic dictates that if one reaches happiness while pursuing better things and the other provides happiness with the things you’ve already found.
then it’s only logical that combining the two of them would lead to a happy life!

Seems i’ve found it, hope one day. you will too 🙂

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