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For the love of Steak

For those of you who follow this blog, you probably noticed a certain trend of posting relationship related posts for a while. well this time it’s going to be a bit different yet exactly the same. This time, it’ll be about my relationship with food, and specifically with steak.

Almost every woman i know, end up hinting or sometimes being blunt about it and saying it flat out loud:  “Roland, You love food to the point, women in your life come in a distant second.”. Well all feminist believe that women are smarter than men, well in this case… who am i to argue?

Which brings us to my actual true love, my one and only, the one thing i think of when food comes to mind, and that is STEAK.

This unhealthy (yet it feels oh so good) infatuation with steak, started a couple of years ago where i ordered a well done steak, and i got served a rare one instead. I didn’t notice at first, because i was too busy talking with this gorgeous date i had at the time (yes, yes! i used to ignore steak for women… oh well, we live, we learn.) so after cutting this small slice and seeing all that pink color inside, i immediately felt annoyed. i wanted to return it! but the discussion with my date, took an unexpected turn. to the extent that i didn’t care how well my steak is done, it honestly was the least of my concerns.

But believe you me, i did actually want to return it,  i mean we don’t even eat “kebbe nayye”  at home due to all the health reasons it might cause, so how the heck would i eat a rare steak and at a restaurant which i know nothing about its chef?

But again, the discussion was too intense for me to call the waiter over so i took a couple of bites and half way through our conversation i had an epiphany. and that was that every woman, every date i could ever have after that night could never even begin to measure up against the date i had that night. because that night! sitting with the most beautiful,smart,confident, well accomplished woman. i actually found my first true love. Yes, i’ve found it. and it’s called Steak.

You see before that day, i got used to the “well done” brown steak that we all hate. it’s like you need a chain saw to cut through it, and it just tastes funny!

But ever since that day, i’ve made it a ritual. Every year, in the last week of lent (last week before easter. as i usually abstain from meat all lent long) to try a new kind of steak. so i start googling my way through the net to find the best recipe  for my first  love to bathe in.

This years recipe, was simple yet tasty as fuck. (not that i’ve tried tasting that) and it’s all about how to cook a “Blue steak”.

When i first read the title,  i thought that it’ll be something like blue cheese, which actually threw me off a bit. but my curiosity got me to google further more which i’m glad i did.

Blue steak is about rare steak, it’s about having a steak so rare, you’ll actually have to hold it down so it doesn’t go eat the grass/plants in front of your door steps and say “moo” (ya ya it’s lame. )

Now the first concern that i had in mind, is how healthy could this be ? so of course, i googled a bit more and apparently germs and what not only grow where they come into contact with air. in other words, even rare steak will get rid of those germs as long as it’s subdued to heat. which obviously, what cooking steak is all about.

Now that i’m rest assured that it’s healthy, i went at it (i do cook occasionally, nothing major.. just the bare minimum.) and below you’ll see the exact same ritual i take when i cook steak as well as my own little customized recipe for blue steak:

  1. Get your own steak, don’t get it frozen. don’t order it, don’t rely on your mom to get it. this is food, this is steak, this is your own meal. WORK FOR IT!! I usually get an entrecote, though you’re free to choose what ever you’d like as long as it’s thick.
  2. If you’re planning to have it for lunch, Wake up in the morning, take it out of the freezer and just let it be. (obviously you’ll have to cover it with something)
  3.  30 minutes before you decide you want to start cooking, get your steak, clean all the liquids around it (it melted remember?) and sink it in wine.
  4. Remember, you have to poke it with a fork every few minutes.
  5.  Now the important part begins. we’re soon to have steak, what’s missing? (if you guessed it, you’re awesome. if not, then meh…) it’s BEER time!
  6. get a couple of beers out of the fridge and stick them in the freezer. our meal will be served in around 40 minutes. that will give it enough time to reach the almost frozen state which is the best way to have a beer (- 4 degrees)

Now here starts the cooking part of blue steak. i’ve gathered these tips and hints from all over the place, or i would’ve quoted the origin.

  1.  Remove the steak out of wine, let it drain for a couple of minutes, and then put salt and pepper all over it from both sides (quantity is to your liking)
  2. put olive oil in a pan, and start heating it up  until it starts emitting that weird sound and smell. then put a small piece of butter (i told you, it’s an unhealthy infatuation)
  3. When butter is all melted through the boiling olive oil, slide in your steak (is it me or this sorta sounded awkward?) keep it at the highest temperature and  just leave it be. the only thing you need to do is to make sure it doesn’t stick. and to do so, you just need to shake your frying pan every once in a while.
  4. If your steak is cut in a thin way (didn’t i tell you to let it be thick ? why don’t you listen? huh? why? ) fry it for max 1 minute on each side. if it’s thick, then let it be for around 90 seconds on each side. (it’s crucial to have the olive oil and butter HEATED before you do this)
  5. Make sure you get the sides. not just top and bottom, you need to master the art of choreography to get a steak to be fried sideways, but you have to do it. so figure it out.

And that is it, you’re ready to have your blue steak. but obviously it’s not ready to be served yet. you need to either throw in a salad on the side or maybe something else?

I usually go for oven baked potato, and it’s fairly simple and yummy. here’s how i do it:

  1. Heat up your oven.
  2. Rub your potatoes with olive oil.
  3. Sprinke salt and pepper all over it.
  4.  Stick it in the oven (make sure the oven is all pre heated) and wait for 15 minutes.(remember keep the oven on, don’t turn it off)
  5.  Melt a piece of butter, take the potatoes out and inject that melted butter inside different parts of those potatoes. (by now it’ll be all mushy and easy to do that).
  6.  Now wrap your potatoes with foil, and put them back in for another 15 to 20 minutes.

And voila, you now have awesome butter baked potatoes to add to your blue steak.

Enjoy and bon apettit 🙂

NOTE: don’t forget the beer in that freezer 🙂


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