The best for last..

24 Sep

Q: Are you married?
A: No, not yet. (I may occasionally throw in “alla yib3oud el darbet” if the situation allows it)
Q: What are you waiting for ?
A: Everything (career goals,financial stability,etc..) yet nothing in specific.
Q: Don’t you want to get married ?
A: I want to eventually have kids.
Q: So you’re in a serious long lasting relationship then ?

The occurrence of such a conversation with a number of people is happening at an alarming rate. Most probably it’s because of reaching that stage in life, or maybe because i’m hanging out with married couples and bfs/gfs that are celebrating their X year of steady and serious relationship with one another. One way or another, every person i’m coming in contact with is either married, in a long relationship, or just too broken to even think of one or the other.

And even though it’s hard for me to admit this, but such conversations and surrounding is starting to affect me. I’m considering things such as age gap difference between me and my future kids, and even short-term scenarios, such as enduring a bf/gf sort of relationship with someone. Either way, these thoughts are forcing my hand into weighing every woman i meet against a list of criteria that i have in mind of how my potential “partner” should be.
After a while, i noticed that out of all the women I’ve known, or now know, only a few came out on top of that list, whom surprisingly are the ones i subconsciously treat differently!

  •  Never flirted with them(i tend to flirt with everyone), yet always made subtle positive remarks about their looks and character.
  •  I tend to keep my distance, yet occasionally check in on them.
  • Never slept with them nor worked my way to it.
  •  I speak my mind freely and in the most annoying and blunt way possible. borderline rude.

This kind of treatment, opened my eyes on something i haven’t noticed before; I’ve been applying the rule of thumb that every other guy knows. When you meet a woman that’s a “keeper”, you never mess with her and you NEVER get into a relationship with her unless you’re at a time in your life where you’re willing to accept that possibility of going the whole way. (not that it’s bound to happen, but just acknowledging the possibility).

With that in mind, i came to one conclusion; Subconsciousness affects us in more ways than you and i are willing to admit. At times, we tend to do things without noticing, which will always have a butterfly effect through our future..

Now you may saying to yourself what’s next? i know i am.. well, my subconsciousness got me here,now it’s up to me to lead the rest of the way.

after all, i did keep the best for last 🙂

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