Can you imagine ?

29 Apr

So i came across a tweet today that goes like this: “La vie n’est pas en rose !”

in case you’re wondering what it means. well it’s roughly translated to life isn’t an easy ride nor is it joyful due to its rough patches. it’s sort of a french pessimistic opposite of “Life is just a bowl of cherries”

If you look up the meaning of life you get

” the condiltion that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction”

But is it? is life just a dull and lifeless as this definition makes it sound ?

I don’t know about you, but i disagree to a certain point.

Some of you may be thinking to themselves, how could a person “disagree to a certain point” on such an important matter? well the answer is simple..

Well life is shared by plants and animals alike right?

And to describe life of a human, what’s a better way than to use another form of life on our planet! which are *plants* themselves.. sorta convenient since this all started with a “rose”  don’t you agree?

So now I’d like you to picture something with me, forget what you were doing.. nah seriously! forget what you were doing and imagine for a second that life is a beautiful garden rose with its stem and thorns. A real beautiful rose.. roses are nice aren’t they? Now imagine it’s stem full of thorns and right underneath it, right there! at the bottom end of it, there’s you,me and people like us!

Can you imagine that for me ? imagine how beautiful that rose is and how rewarding it would be to get to the tip-top of that stem! that stem that’s full of thorns with a magnificent rose on top that would be sinful not to to pursue!

Are you still imagining ? are you still under that stem? will you go through that journey up the stem like millions did before you? it’s a long trip .. i know! it’s tiring… i know! it’s full of thorns.. i know! you may come to times where the only thing you see is thorns… i know!  believe me.. i know!

But do you know what i do also know ? It’s that when the climbing gets hard, and there’s no place to put your foot in!  You should be thankful for those thorns! those thorns are there to help you climb! each thorn you surpass will be a stepping stone to get you further up the stem to reach that rose! to reach your rose! can you imagine how easy life would be if we learned to step on the thorns that injured us and climb further up the stem to reach our rose? can you imagine? can you?!

Well i can, i can imagine… and not only that! but i actually do agree that ” la vie nest’ pas en rose”.. because life! is a rose itself … our troubles! are the thorns themselves.. and what we can do with those thorns.. is up to the imagination of you, me and every one elses..

Now that you’ve finished imagining , there’s one more thing left to do! and that’s to climb! imagine that rose in your head… and just climb!


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Posted by on 29/04/2012 in Thoughts


One response to “Can you imagine ?

  1. jneen8

    30/04/2012 at 11:48 PM

    Never thought of it that way! Interesting analogy!!


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