“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world”

16 Apr

Regrets, run on a special kind of fuel.

If only i picked a different career

If only she knew hes cheating

if only , if only, if only…

If only you live your life backwards, you arise from the dead, packed with experience you go through life with the maturity of an elderly and the knowledge of a scholar. but that’s not the case, the natural way of things goes by only one rule and that is: You’re born , you live with your regrets and then you die.

pessimistic way of looking at life isn’t it ?

Well pessimistic or not that’s what life is all about, its coming to life doing the best you can and then going out fighting with the least of regrets, or that’s how it’s supposed to happen. and what better proof we have but to admire an elderly’s life ? You see it always amazes me seeing old people and young kids alike! one who lived his life and the other still have it ahead… it amazes me the amount of experience one must have and the amount of situations the other will have to experience.. it makes me wonder about all those life decisions that the elderly took and how it got him to where he is today.

They say life is the hardest school of all! it gives you a test and then provides you with the experience to solve it. so if Regrets are fueled with “if only” then what fuels life itself? in my modest opinion, it’s decisions.

decisions are the fuel of life, a decision can go one way or the other and it’s not decisions themselves that makes life hard, but the fact that you have to live with their outcome. Decisions like life itself has a one way street that will never fail to go onwards, it won’t give you a break, it won’t wait till you’re back on your feet. it will just keep going and the only thing you have left is a thought that keeps banging on your door in those long sleepless nights! a thought that starts with “if only”.

I wonder how many “if only” those elderlies might have! i wonder how many if only those kids will have to endure at night throughout their hopefully prosperous lives!

Some of you might be thinking, this is a very sad and pessimistic way of looking at life! to summarize it all to a bunch of decisions and if-only fueled regrets! well i agree! life is about much more than a bunch of bad decisions and few regrets! it’s about what YOU and i make of it.

I don’t know about you! but i plan to go through my lief with the least regrets possible… some of you might be laughing at this idea, as if and only if we had the power to remove regret from our lives the term “if only” wouldn’t exist. but you know what? we actually do have that power.. we have the power to move on and make the best of it!

we have the power to become an elderly, to look back on our death-bed to our  life and be proud of what we’ve accomplished! and that my friends, will be something you’ll never regret.



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