Social Creatures, a myth that turned into a way of life. or not.

01 Jul

We human, are social creatures or so I hear.
That goes all the way back to the times where a *dude*(Aristotle) which i like to occasionally quote said:

“Hence it is evident that the state is creation of nature and that man by nature is a political animal.”

But then again, that fact dare i say, is fed to us since we first open our eyes to the world. we are constantly accompanied by others. whether in our early few years (for nurturing reasons exactly like any other animal in our dear earth) or later on.
We’re pushed to play with others, in kinder garden, they call it “Social skills” , then we are pushed towards hanging out with friends from the same gender in an early stage and later on (hopefully, as being homo is the new thing as i notice. oh and In case you’re wondering. yep, i’m definitely a homophobic.) from the opposite sex which ends up in having a few girlfriends before actually going into the golden cage (as far as i hear from my married friends, it’s not as golden as it looks).

So you see, are we truly social ? or it’s just a residue of a once upon a time  need to stick to one another to defend against dangers and such.
One can argue, that man as a social animal simply relates to the fact that we as human tend to want to live in a society which is governed by certain rules to meet a common goal (uhh communism ? ) and not to a one-on-one level.

And that my friends brings me to my subject. are relationships governed by the constantly fed idea of having to be with others?

We  tend to seek friends, meet people, look for an occasional one on one time with a certain other. You may call it dating, others may call it going out with a special friend. that’s perfectly alright, until someone get hurts, maybe back stabbed.
You see i’ve been the shoulder to cry on for a lot of special people in my life that tend to complain about others for a number of reasons. there’s backstabbing,cheating, not giving enough attention,giving too much attention and the list goes on and On. which makes me wonder, why do we endure all that?
Is it true that we are social creatures and we yearn for one another one way or the other? or is it society that turned a once upon a time *requirements of life* to a myth that is shoved down our throat to accomplish one thing. and that to keep us on a Leash. and that leash’ other end is to comply with rules of society.
Rules only exist if two or more people abide by them. and what’s better to keep people together than to convince them of a long gone need (we don’t need numbers to defend danger, we simply lock our door) of staying together .
So are we truly social creatures ? Well that’s a question i fail to answer, as living so long in such an environment (human environment) i’m leaning towards being a social person my self. which reminds me.  i’ll be heading out to meet a bunch of friends now (ironic indeed) but i’ll leave with something to ponder about:

Getting back from work, turning on my TV. my remote landed on some american movie about a pakistani family living in the US. where the lead actor’s daughter decided to Leave the “family home” and go live on her own. as soon as she confronted her father with that decision, his first reaction were “what would our surrounding say”.
And with that i rest my case.

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